How does Collectwiser makes your debt collection wiser?

Predicts who is more likely to pay.

Collectwiser Proprietary Machine Learning algorithm engines are used to learn from past data and predicts who are more likely to pay by scoring them. Even if you have millions of users, Collectwiser can tell you who to call first to increase your collection efficiencies.

Personalized engagement

Maximize your collections by talking to your customers at the right time.

Optimize your debt collection by reaching your list of debtors with the right medium (SMS/email/Call/Letter).

Offer Optimization

Not all debtors will have the same means to pay, so do not offer them the same payment plan. Collectwiser uses the latest machine learning algorithms to generate the payment plans you need to offer.

Automation through AI.

Each step of your debt collection process is automated.

Insights through AI

Do not rely on human only, millions of data is not possible to process without error. Collectwiser’s explainable AI algorithms generates actionable insights that a human cannot identify.

No need for a data scientist

Collectwiser uses the state of art machine learning algorithms and optimizes your data without the need of a data scientist. We take care of all the data science needs while you focus on your business.

Less reliance on call center

Since we can tell you who to call, when to call, and what payment plan you should offer, you do not need to expand your call center.

Continuous Updates

The machine learning algorithms evolve so does Collectwiser. We continuously update our algorithms to the most effective ones.


Collectwiser can integrate to any Collection Software. Collectwiser has two integration options: web services and CSV file. It is easier to start with CSV file integration and once our setup process to integrate your existing software’s web service is completed, we move to full integration. Integration normally takes between 1 day to 1 week depending on the technology infrastructure of our clients.



We offer flexible pricing for your list size which makes Collectwiser affordable for each agency.

Safety and Security

Is my information secure?

  • CollectWiser is a product of Optiwisdom Inc. which is a U.S. company with world wide partners such as Bilkav, our main technologic developer partner.
  • Your connection is secured under SSL certificate.
  • Our data centers are monitored 24/7 internal and external cameras.
  • We clearly outline our policies on government requests.
  • We also provide on-premise installation.

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